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life. [23 May 2007|04:01pm]
is pretty sweet
I've been working a lot lately.
week paid vacation
after I train someone to replace me for a week
I have a kitten now
a new boy that I might really like
I'm sick of just being infatuated with different boys
I'm hoping to get a raise soon.

little boxes on a hillside [09 Feb 2007|03:04am]
[ mood | tired ]

So car number two is gone
Night Rider is amazing
School has become a lot.
The past two sober days have been boring,
but productive
I hate that I never work on Fridays
My debt is growing as days go on


707. [09 Sep 2006|03:53am]
I've thought of you
at LEAST ONCE a day
for the past
seven hundred and seven days

[20 Jul 2006|03:15am]
I've been giving something a lot of thought the past few days.

I want to go study aboard in Europe, for a semester.

I think it would be the best for me.

I was talking to someone from England the other day
who's a really good friend of my mom's,
and he gave me some good advice.
He's the one that actually gave me the idea.
He said it wouldn't be just about the education,
it would be learning about the lives people have there.
He's right.
When I was there people are so different.
They're so laid back, it's not rush rush rush like it is around here.
People actaully take time to do things.
I want to be able to experience that more.</center>

Hmm.. [14 Jun 2006|10:20am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So it's been awhile.

I graduated.

I've lost weight.

I think I look a lot better.

I get called a "fat bitch" by someone that shops in the maternity section at Old Navy even though she's not preg. she's just plain out fat as fuck and has to special order jeans online because they don't carry the size she needs in the store = )

I leave for Europe in 10 days.

Surprisingly I'm not that excited, because I'm gonna miss everyone so much.

I miss school kinda.

But at the same time I like being able to go out till what ever time.

Work is good.

Bringing the $$$ in.
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what am I going to do? [09 Mar 2006|11:34pm]
[ mood | blank ]

So it seems like I'm gonna be the "only child" for a few months.
My brother is sent away for a few months up north.
My mom is thinking about moving to Troy.
I applied to Oakland University.
I'm on the stupid diet again for Prom.
But this time I'm working out at least 5 days a week and hour and 1/2 a day at Lifetime = ).
I asked for a little piece of chocolate and got yelled at "cause I need to fit in my Prom dress" thank God I have a little help.
I'm planning my trip to Europe.
I have the first Friday off tomorrow in a LONG time.
I'm hoping to work a shit load during Spring Break.
I'm starting to not care that i work on the weekends.
I don't care what I do b/c this summer is gonna top anything anyways.
Spring is coming.
Graduation is coming sooner than I thought.


I could never be your women [02 Mar 2006|02:23pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Graduation is coming soon
Prom also
College next fall
But after graduation I'm going to Europe
for the experience of a life time.

I get to go to:
London (3 days)
Paris (2 days)
Rome (2 days)
Milan (1 day)
Venice(1 day)
Austria(1 day)
Switzerland(1 day)
Germany (1 day)
Amsterdam(1 day)
and Belguim(1 day)

I've been working out I love Lifetime like no other
I gave up cookies ♥ for lent and no more fastfood.
I don't have drama in my life which is nice
but just the stuff like stupid people calling my cell cuz they think they are funny.
I work too much now.. I think at least on the weekends
but I get paid alotta $$$
which means I can basicly do whatever I want to
I'll have money for Prom
hopefully a lil over $1,000 for Europe
and yearbook and the all-nighter

I want to go to West bloomfield's graduation
but i dnk it'll be kinda akward i've gone everyother year before it though
2000 2002 2004 2006???

wow it's really

Summer.. [30 Jan 2006|12:51am]
[ mood | apathetic ]


Who gets to go to Europe this summer?




i think i might be falling for someone = /

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Amazing. [06 Dec 2005|02:08pm]
[ mood | depressed ]


Image hosted by
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HORRIBLE! [11 Nov 2005|05:00pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

Image hosted by


: )

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3 years ago today... [31 Oct 2005|05:25pm]
[ mood | crushed/sad ]

I was packing everything up to move here...

I said goodbye to my step-brother

I begged my mom one last time to hang out with Jessica before I left... it was denyed

We had to leave...

The movers were done.

All of our stuff was packed up into a truck.

I didn't want to shed a tear, I couldn't.

We pulled out of that drive way, I couldn't shed a tear.

I said good-bye to the best thing that ever happened to me.

3 years later I sit here sad and crying missing what I used to have.


8th grade history and the consititution. [05 Oct 2005|06:45pm]
[ mood | curious ]

I've missed 3 days of school and my first day back was today.

I just started my AP government homework and we are now learning about the constitution which has been reminding me of my 8th grade history class with Mr. Petsch and then I started to remember the days when Jessica and I would just get so bored we would rewrite the stupid thing and maybe get extra credit, but we never did finish it.

"There was never a mystery of who shot John F. Kennedy" a famous lyric from The Postal Service and once i heard that part i knew i had to write about it. I remember hearing that if you asked the famous question "Who do you think shot John F. Kennedy" you were able to get Mr. Petsch to skip the test and give a lecture on who he thought killed JFK.

Amazing how i remember that.

I don't know it was kind of pointless, but i don't know it just made me think a little.



rawr. [04 Oct 2005|11:47pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I thought it would be a great time to update my livejournal.

School has been fine but i took a litte break from it
My birthday just past and i'm now 17 Chicago was alotta fun
I've been babysitting since like July which has comsumed most of my life up but i'm hopefully quiting soon once i find a real job

ehh that's all that's been going on lately i guess





everything is fucked up for no reason it just needs to stop

people just need to say what they actually think GOSH!


[05 Sep 2005|01:55am]
I like it hard

[10 Aug 2005|07:26pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

As everyone knows school is starting soon.

My friends we are seniors.

This is the last year we will all be together.

I rememeber 3 years ago when I was waiting for the first day of high school to start.

I thought I was sooo grown up going to high school,
but now as I look back I realize I didn't know what the fuck I was doing.

Sophmore year I thought I was a little older and wiser but again I was wrong,
I still didn't know shit.

Then Junior year came along I knew this year was gonna be different it was gonna be fucking fun,
This year I wasn't wrong... I did grow up but growing up you have to deal with responsablity,
License, Car, Job;
but I don't really know how to deal with responsablity.

Senior year is gonna start and end before I know it,
I don't know if I'll be able to grow up enough to get out on my own,
I don't want to leave all my friends,

I think I'm just too scared for full responsablity to kick in.

♥ <3 ♥

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[06 Jul 2005|06:34am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

fucking bored.Collapse )


West Bloomfield... [05 Jul 2005|10:25pm]
[ mood | sad ]


why can't I go back.

everything has gone wrong since I left you

I never wanted to leave you but I was forced. this sucks more than you'll ever know

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T-Minus... [17 Jun 2005|01:34am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

2 exams and i'm done with school till August I'm soooo excited!

shopping and swimming and working tomorrow
sleeping in way late and working and going out with Amanda Sat. : )

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uneventful. [09 Jun 2005|12:17am]
[ mood | sleepy/stressed ]

how uneventful can one person's life be?

all I've been doing is working and school shit lately I can't wait for school to be done with and school can be over.

every time I go to work I totally dread it sometimes I think to myself I can call in and just keep following M-59 which would lead me to W. Bloomfield but I know I can't which sucks even more

anyways school is out in 8 days wow insane today was the first day that I thought felt like summer since I got to go swimming which was fun until it started to rain.. oh well.

but yah I think I shall be getting some sleep since I don't think I'll be getting that much tomorrow since I have to write 2 papers by tomorrow night. fun!

:: I'm :: gonna :: find :: my :: way :: home ::
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What is going on? [07 Jun 2005|12:29am]
[ mood | sleepy/sad ]

Listening to this amazing CD that Heather let me borrow is bringing back memories that I wish i could forget cuz it just makes me feel like shit. First of all it makes me shit cuz at the time I was happy I had everything I could ask for at the time... I was 16 I didn't have to work for anything that I wanted.. I had what I thought were decent friends... I just wished I knew what changed with everyone and everything why can't anything just stay perfect all the time?

I hardly update this thing anymore and when I do it's always me complaining I need to change that by far. I need to get out of this city for a little get away from everything that is so familiar that reminds me of things I've done in the past year I want to go somewhere I haven't been in a long time I wish I could get out of this city permently and go back to simple times... I want to backtrack 2 years and 7 months and 1 week and 1 day... that day I would have refused to leave everything I love behind moving here was great sure my friends great the shit that I've gone through here... not so great... I know things would have turned out much differently if I never left I bet I would have done better in school. I bet I would have somewhat a 3.0 now instead of having a little over a 2.1... and I bet I would have somewhat more of a funtional brain than I do now.

I'll never get to know what would have happened if I would have stayed in W. Bloomfield.

I just wish I could know if everything would be the same or would everything be better or would it of been worse if I stayed there.

Whenever I get sad./.depressed I don't know why but I always think about W. Bloomfield... I guess I just think I would have been much happy there.

♥ Beauty . /. In . /. The . /. Break . /. Down ♥
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